Chariman of SK Group Visited Shanghai Sanme

Chariman of SK Group in German attended the Board Meeting of Joint Venture in Shanghai Sanme as the Shareholder
Last week, Dr. Glinz and Mr. Mortimer Glinz from SK Group in German visited Shanghai Sanme for the second session –second round board meeting of joint venture. Mr Yang Anmin, chairman of the board and others Chinese shareholders escorted for the whole visit.

Group photo of the attended German and Chinese parties
Dr. Glinz from Schmidt Kranz Group and his party firstly visited the manufacturing workshop of Shanghai Sanme Mining Machinery Corp., Ltd after their arrival in China. They came to Shanghai Sanme for the board meeting of joint venture held last week. Shanghai Sanme provides the place for the board meeting for it is the holding subsidiary of joint venture. It was not his first visit so Shanghai Sanme. Dr. Glinz was amazed at the new changes each time he saw in the workshop of Shanghai Sanme. There were always new improvements of Shanghai Sanme in enhancing the safety, quality, and efficiency in the workshop. Mr. Mortimer Glinz was so interested in the processing machinery, processing technology, and the quality of the product that he stood upon the platform of one portable crushing plant to find out more.

Dr. Glinz and Mr. Mortimer Glinz in front of the portable crushing plant

Mr. Mortimer Glinz stood on one portable crushing plant
Later, the second session –second round board meeting of joint venture was held in the meeting room of Shanghai Sanme. During the meeting, there is a brief communication and report about the operation and management of joint venture and Shanghai Sanme in 2016 and first half of 2017. The shareholders had the intensive study and discussion about the future development of Shanghai Sanme. Both parties believed that Shanghai Sanme would be more active to face the opportunity and challenge in the future as it is moving towards the right direction in the industry.

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