First Choose SANME Mobile Crusher for Construction waste Disposal

SANME Machinery makes a huge investment in researching and developing large-size crusher equipment for domestic Construction waste Disposal, which overcomes the insufficient crushing and separation degree. This new mobile crusher ascends top in the environmental protection industry with the crushing amount of 10-200 t/h and effectively solves the difficult problem of municipal waste disposal.
mobile crusher
To realize the harmless and reduction of municipal solid waste, making use of new technology and new equipment can provide a complete disposal scheme and idea from the disposal and use of urban waste. The household garbage in our country is mainly gathered with bags, which brings high difficulty for the transportation and classification of the urban trash, and before the classification, we need to process the waste which has high requirement for the performance of the waste crushing equipment. In the meantime, the component of the solid waste is complicated, which increase the difficulty in research and developing solid waste crushing equipment. For this reason, after adopting new technology, the crushed solid waste is greatly reduced in size, which saves a lot of space and disposal cost.
SANME mobile crusher is composed of primary crushers, second-level crushing and screening station and belt conveyor. Every level of crushing station is an independent working unit which is able to complete different responsibilities and belt conveyor is responsible for the materials transportation and storage between the crusher equipment. SANME mobile crushing station has many outstanding features such as reasonable configuration of the all levels of crushing machines, smooth discharging, reliable running condition, convenient operation and high efficiency and energy conservancy. Mobile crusher is suitable for crushing ores and construction waste that has limited working site and is not convenient to be transported.

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