The methods about how to clean the jaw crusher

While you are using the jaw crusher, it can’t be avoided that jaw crusher will be dirty. So we can clean it in a right way. First, we need to find proper cleaning liquid, then we can start cleaning. And it has two ways to wash it, first way is manual cleaning, second way is mechanical cleaning. Here we are going to talk about first way, which is manual cleaning.
1. Scrub and washing. Put jaw crusher’s spare parts into the container which has cleaning liquid. And wash it with cotton or scrub with a brush. This method is simple, simple equipment, but it is kind of low efficiency. It is suitable for single and small batch of small parts. Under normal circumstances, you shouldn’t use gasoline, because there is fat soluble, it will harm people’s health and could easily lead to fires too.
2. Spray and washing. The cleaning solution is using the certain pressure and temperature cleaning spray sprays on the surface of the spare parts and clean. Shanghai SANME thinks this way has better result, and high efficiency. But machine is complicated, so it is suitable for the ones whose shape is not so complicated and has grease parts.
Shanghai SANME is offering its simple ways to help you on the machine, and wish it could help a bit. And hope it will give more potential customers a chance to buy our products too.

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